Stellar Series

  • Stellar spec 1
  • Stellar spec 2
  • Stellar spec 3
  • Stellar spec 4
  • Stellar spec 5

Stars and planets interact with each other forming the shadow and light that generate thousands of colors featuring the beauty of galaxy.



Model No.: AT 1118
252 pieces of subassembly module and 25 jewels
Frequency: 28,800 Oscillation/Hour
The tourbillon located at 3 o’clock rotate at a speed of 60s for one circle
The balance wheel and the escapement system encircle the center of balance wheel
Flying tourbillon
40 hours power reserve
Self-winding mechanism (Bi-directional winding)
Luminous sphere GMT indicator
Chinese ancient planetarium featured decoration (12 o’clock)
Alligator strap
Special made sapphire crystal